D+E|E+D @ Net Impact 2009

D+E|E+D was presented during Net Impact 2009, the biggest conference ever held in Cornell University, along with Cornell University Solar Decathlon (CUSD 2009), Engineers for a Sustainable World, Kyoto-Now!, etc.


D+E|E+D @ DesignConnect on Halloween

On a hung-over Halloween morning, D+E|E+D presented “re-imagining Challenge Industries Building” at DesignConnect mid-term academic review. The panel of critics included Peter Trowbridge, Professor/Chair of Department of Landscape Architecture, other Landscape Arch. faculties and also some guests Heather Morgan and  Grant Meacci (from Community Development Studio).


Jonathan Leape (Cornell CEE ’11), Barry Beagen (Cornell CEE ’11), Laura Hammerer (Cornell CEE ’11) and Carly Dean (Cornell Architecture ’14)

The review was heated but constructive. The project needed to be narrowed down. This led to two ideas: organize a competition or create an exhibition.

We got in touch with Professor Peter Trowbridge who would be willing to help us with the project and connecting us with people in the city.

Check out our presentation below!


Hey everyone, I know it’s the first round of prelims and midterms, but hang in there!  If you were unable to attend the last few meetings, here are the slides that were presented on September 16th and 23rd.  You can view them to keep up with the progress we’ve made/are making on the Re-Urbanize Ithaca project.
– Jessica
View more presentations from D+E|E+D.


Check out this slide show to see what D+E|E+D is all about.  You’ve probably seen it if you attended the first meeting, but if not, then you should.  It’s fairly comprehensive and gives an overview of the two projects we are currently working on.  It’s also very pretty to look at.
View more presentations from D+E|E+D.

– Barry + Jessica


We (well, mainly Barry) invited two graduates from Harvard Graduate School of Design to come to Cornell and speak about engaging their design education in real communities around the world.  They talked about SoCA’s recent projects including a teen center in Lowell, MA, a library installation in Boston’s Chinatown, and a women’s art community center in Capetown, South Africa.  The point behind the lecture?  Use your education to be a social revolutionary and change the world…or part of the world at least.


So after the successful lecture, we had a nice candle-lit dinner at Aladdin’s where we ate gyros, falafels, and fruit + nut salads.  Those 21+ shared a nice bottle of red wine.  It was so pleasant.  Oh, and we also discussed design and activism into the night.

– Jessica

Thanks to everyone who came to the lecture!  For those who couldn’t make it, click here for a short excerpt on and photos of the lecture: Design for Social Change + Activism.


Welcome to D+E|E+D.  We are an interdisciplinary student-run organization at Cornell University dedicated to social change and sustainability through our projects which include design/build and research.  So far we have had members from Engineering, Architecture, Planning, Hotel, DEA, etc.  We are hoping to expand our horizons.

Check this blog frequently to read about projects we are working on and how you can get involved.  We’ll also write about ongoing events + projects to keep you all in the loop.

Come to our weekly meetings on Wednesday, 7:30pm-8:30pm @ McGraw Hall 165!

– Jessica