RE-URBANIZE ithaca!: booklet Idea 1.0

Folded and Stapled at the spine: 8.5 x 11 sheets

No. of sheets: 10

No. of pages: ~ 40 (no worries! Lots of pics/diagrams that eats up space)

This is the first attempt to identify the specifics of the booklet. Sections would include:

Why Downtown?

–       map of CBD, BID and interesting parts (Commons, amenities, etc.)

–       The other page on the spread would be a short description to entice Downtown living along with statistics and mappings of walking distances, amenities, parking

Vision for Downtown

–       Short write-up on the vision for Downtown

–       Image of Challenge Industries Building and its potentials

–       Diverse, walking and transit-oriented community

–       SECOND SPREAD: criterias for evaluating the site / downtown with icons and explanations


–       first spread would be images of Challenge and our motivation and summary of ideas

–       The next few pages will be dedicated to the 3 schemes

–       For each scheme, we need to figure out the layout and what information to be placed

–       Important info: (needs to be refined and added on)

  1. Diagrams and images of building
  2. Plan on site (footprint): have to show adjacent lots Insurance and Inn
  3. Short description of each idea
  4. Matrix of evaluation (will be a table that includes the criterias along with icons as numbering system)
  5. Financial Strategies – include capital stack diagram (rough estimate)
  6. Architectural/Design Strategies
  7. Sustainable Systems Strategies
  8. Diagram for percentage of commercial, residential, public
  9. Diagram for residential units: affordable, medium, high


–       Compilation of grants or programs that are available for housing

–       Compilation of diagrams for sustainable systems (include local providers)

ICONS: rounded square with figures

–       Employment

–       Investment worthy (profit)

–       Sustainability: can be broken down into more

–       Livability: for residents and users of the Commons downtown area

–       Revitalization factor

–       Diversity

–       Density

–       Walkability

–       Water consumption

–       Electricity use

–       New construction materials

–       Material recycling factor

–       Embodied energy

–       Vibrancy

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