D+E|E+D @ DesignConnect on Halloween

On a hung-over Halloween morning, D+E|E+D presented “re-imagining Challenge Industries Building” at DesignConnect mid-term academic review. The panel of critics included Peter Trowbridge, Professor/Chair of Department of Landscape Architecture, other Landscape Arch. faculties and also some guests Heather Morgan and  Grant Meacci (from Community Development Studio).


Jonathan Leape (Cornell CEE ’11), Barry Beagen (Cornell CEE ’11), Laura Hammerer (Cornell CEE ’11) and Carly Dean (Cornell Architecture ’14)

The review was heated but constructive. The project needed to be narrowed down. This led to two ideas: organize a competition or create an exhibition.

We got in touch with Professor Peter Trowbridge who would be willing to help us with the project and connecting us with people in the city.

Check out our presentation below!

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